Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions
  • Yes, you may change to any other suitable class that fits more perfectly within your schedule

  • So far, we have seen people who had no Tech background flourishing in their newly found passion/career in IT.

    You must know yourself very well and trust in yourself that you can do this.

    Usually, when you contact us, we can have a quick chat for about 15mins just to help you with a few questions on your mind; and also, to suggest some approach to you.

    Somehow, you'll find your feet into Tech, at the end of the day.

  • Yes, we do have syllabuses tailored for the courses that we offer.

    If you need a copy, we can share with you on request.

  • Yes, our video resources and study materials are available for our registered users only. You will have access to past video materials once you're registered/ subscribed with us.

  • No, you do not have to be online during the scheduled sessions. If the time is not totally convenient for you and you have not rescheduled with your Trainer then, you will have access to the recorded session which you may watch later.

  • Yes, we have a FREE 20mins advisory session for each student to help them tailor their CV. If you will require more time then, this may come with an extra charge which your Trainer will inform you about.

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