DelhiDarbar Restaurant Finland

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January 3, 2016
January 3, 2012
Delhidarbar Restaurant Finland

DelhiDarbar Restaurant Finland

DelhiDarbar Restaurant Finland is the number one Indian restaurant in the city of Turku, Finland.

The company contacted us for a rebranding project so we helped them out.
We gathered the requirements and did our analysis so that data-driven content design technique was implemented in the design and development of the multi-language website.

Also, we integrated Google Analytics for them so that the owners of the store would know where their customers are coming from and what exactly to present to their customers on daily basis. In addition to that, we integrated Google Tag Manager for them so that proper analytics can be done all by themselves independently.

Other services offered to our clients included Social Media promotion; Setting up of social media pages and profiles; SEO optimization; PPC campaigns and Sales optimization strategies.