how to choose the right wordpress

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

In this post, adapted from SmashingMagazine, you can learn about features of a theme that qualifies it for considerations when it comes to picking a suitable one for wordpress site. Although most wordpress themes allow for SEO compatibility, yet, choosing a wrong theme may bring bad luck to your business.

1. Price: Free Vs. Premium Themes Link
Several years ago, the price of a theme was a good indicator of its quality. Free themes were often poorly coded at best, and were used to capture sensitive user data at worst. But times have changed, and developers in the WordPress community have created thousands of great free themes to choose from.

2. Speed: Lightweight Vs. Feature-Heavy Themes Link
The importance of optimizing website speed, was emphasized by the author in previous posts. Fast page-loading speed does not just improve the general user experience of a website, but has also been confirmed to improve search engine rankings, conversion rates and, thus, online revenue.
It should come as no surprise that I recommended avoiding sluggish themes like the plague.

3. Design And User Experience Link
Of course, the purpose of a theme is to make your website look great and show off your brand in the best possible light. While design can be quite subjective, you will boost your odds of finding a well-designed theme by following a few steps.